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This is a non-refundable deposit for your Brand Book. 


Brand books are like the ultimate cheat sheet for your brand's personality and style. They’re your go-to guide that spells out everything from the colors and fonts to the tone of voice your brand should use.


Think of it as your brand's rulebook, but way cooler and much more fun to read. Why are they important? Well, imagine your brand as a character in a story; the brand book ensures that character stays consistent throughout the plot, no matter where it appears.


Whether it’s on your website, social media, or packaging, having a consistent look and feel helps customers recognize and connect with your brand more easily. Plus, it saves you from those moments of panic when you’re not sure if a certain color matches your brand or if a font is right.


With a brand book in hand, you can confidently create content, knowing it aligns perfectly with your brand's vibe. And it's not just for you; your team and any collaborators will thank you for providing clear guidelines that make their jobs easier too. So, invest in a brand book, and watch as your brand's story unfolds with clarity, consistency, and style.


BEFORE YOU PURCHASE, follow the process below to learn more about your full investment:


1. Fill out the 'Work With Us' tab on my website to inquire about a brand book. You'll recieve my brand book investment guide which describes both packages and their total costs. 


2. When you're ready to move forward, purchase this and fill out the google form you recieve a link to. Once these two steps are completed you will have your brand book spot secured for the month. 

The Brand Book Deposit

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