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You’ll never get a second chance at a first impression. Let us revamp what your customer see’s FIRST. This fresh layer of paint includes a bold new profile picture featuring your current logo, a Facebook header highlighting your first priority marketing goal and an unique logo animation post to pin to the top of your profile.The most bang for your buck, this package is one of my personal favorites.


Here’s what the Facebook Starter Kit ACHIEVES & DELIVERS:


- A profile picture that shows off your logo in an easy to view format that still includes depth, detail and thought.


- A header photo that includes the messaging you want your client to see FIRST: A quote you live by, the date of your next sale, your wordmark, OR whatever else you want your audience to see right away.


- A one-of-a-kind logo animation that you can pin to the top of your Facebook Page - so regardless of what you’re posting, when they start scrolling, that’s what they see first on your feed. This is where you include a powerful caption, possibly including part of your story, your ‘WHY’, your upcoming sale information, ect.


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